ActiveME Camps

Our 4-week camps run continuously through the year and are top-notch! No lengthy school year contracts. Low teacher to student ratios. Uniquely designed music and movement based curriculum is fun and engaging. Drop your child off in a secure environment for an exciting, academic, and active experience 

for only $195/ four week camp!

We are a creative program that is...

... both academic and physically engaging. Children will engage in the instruction and exploration of music, dance, tumbling, visual arts, reading, math, singing, storytelling, and guided imaginative play. We have designed an integrated curriculum that nurtures a child's love of learning and need for play!

Bounce nā€™ Boogie, LLC stands out from the rest with its flexible and affordable programs. We offer convenience and quality at a price that fits your budget! We are not a preschool. We provide engaging theme-based 4-week camps for preschool age children as an alternative to lengthy school contracts. We understand busy family schedules and provide high quality programs that are adaptable to your needs. Our teachers are qualified, loyal, dedicated, and sweet as can be! 

Camp Info


                      We accept 16 months - 5 year olds.  

                               *do NOT need to be potty trained. 

 Days & Times  & Pricing

       Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-11:30             = $ 195/month

             add the lunch and play hour til 12:30     = $  35/month

                       - siblings receive $20 off each camp

                       - immediate families of law enforcement get $20 off

ActiveME Camp Dates 2020

                ___X___ ActiveME Camp 1 (Tue, Jan 7th - 30th)

                ___X___ ActiveME Camp 2 (Tue, Feb 4th -27th)

                ___X___ ActiveME Camp 3 (Tue, March 3rd -26th)

       **no camp the week of March 30th for Spring Break

                ____X__ ActiveME Camp 4 (Tue, April 7th -30th)

                ___X___ ActiveME Camp 5 (Tue, May 5th - 28th)

                __X____ ActiveME Camp 6 (Tue, June 2nd -25th)

                __X____ ActiveME Camp 7 (Tue, June 30th - July 23rd)

               __X____ ActiveME Camp 8 (Tue, July 28th - Aug 20th)

              ___X___ ActiveME Camp 9 (Tue, Aug 25th ā€“ Sept 17th

                ______ ActiveME Camp 10 (Tue, Sept 22nd ā€“ Oct 15th)

                ______ ActiveME Camp 11 (Tue, Oct 20th ā€“ Nov 12th )

                ______ ActiveME Camp 12 (Tue, Nov 17th - Dec 17th)

        ** no camp the week of Nov 23rd for Thanksgiving Break

        **no camp the weeks of Dec 21st and 28th for Christmas Break

        **Camp resumes on Jan 5th of 2021

               All camps are 4 weeks long (Exactly 8 class days). 

   Tuition is drafted the Tuesday prior to the new camp starting.

Download the ActiveME Camp Registration Form Here

Download the ActiveME Camp Auto-Draft Form Here

Download the Parent Handbook Here