History of

Bounce n' Boogie

Bounce n' Boogie opened its doors in 2008 with a simple vision for creating a fun, affordable, and engaging space for babies and preschoolers to interact through music and movement.  Emily had searched for programs to enroll her then 2 year old and baby and could not find a program that had flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and accommodating classes that incorporated various ages. Emily decided to put her education degree to work in a different way and offer some classes based on her background in music, dance, gymnastics, and extensive work with preschoolers. The initial classes were full from the day she opened and thus Bounce n' Boogie was born! Bounce n' Boogie fills the need for affordability, flexibility, and FUN in the area of early childhood development.

Bounce n' Boogie is proud to be a one-woman owned local business serving the Albuquerque and surrounding communities 

for over 12 years! 

Mission and Vision

“A close look at what constitutes the best kind of experience for infants and young children leads quickly to the arts. From a baby’s first lullaby, to a three-year-old’s experimentation with finger paint, to a seven-year-old’s dramatization of a favorite story, developmentally appropriate arts experience is critical. For all children, at all ability levels, the arts play a central role in cognitive, motor, language, and social-emotional development. The arts motivate and engage children in learning, stimulate m​emory and facilitate understanding, enhance symbolic communications, promote relationships, and provide an avenue for building competence. The arts are natural for young children. Child development specialists note that play is the business of young children; play is the way children promote and enhance their development. The arts are a most natural vehicle for play.” 

 The Arts Education Partnership

Our mission is to develop a solid educational foundation through integrated and imaginative play that is grounded in music, movement, and visual arts. 

So essentially we believe that preschoolers love to move and groove and by directing this energy, we can enrich their minds with essential information that will not only prepare them for school, but also inspire them to love learning. 


"...For it is the movements of their body that create the pathways

 in their mind for reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, 

and creative thinking."

Susan Johnson, MD

Meet our Teachers

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