Bounce n' Boogie, LLC

Musical Activity Classes for 0-5yrs

WE are closed. Will reopen on April 6th.

It is with the safety of our community at large in mind, that we have decided to close Bounce n’ Boogie for the next 3 weeks, in line with all NM public schools. We have decided it is morally our duty to be preemptive in our decision rather than be reactionary (as in wait until one of our community members is exposed and therefore be forced to close at that time). This is not a decision that we have made lightly and know that it is extremely impactful for all of our families. There are so many things that we have needed to consider in our decision such as families and staff who may be currently traveling both within the United States and abroad, having children who may be ill with other illnesses but not knowing whether it is coronavirus, the flu, allergies or a common cold. Lastly, with APS being closed, it would prove extremely difficult for staff who have younger, school aged children at home. The only option would be to allow their school aged children to come here and we feel that just defeats the purpose of having schools closed. We ask our staff and our Bounce n’ Boogie families to socially distance yourselves, which means no babysitting, no community gatherings, no social outings, etc. The purpose is to slow down the virus' progression.

Businesses in our community have had to make some tough decisions in light of the growing coronavirus pandemic. None of us have lived through such a worldwide pandemic. The last time an illness spread through the world with this magnitude was the 1918 outbreak of the Spanish Flu. Thusly, there is no precedence for this and as a group, the country is tasked with slowing down the spread of this virus. Make no mistake, this will not stop the pandemic but what we are trying to do is to slow it down so as not to overwhelm the healthcare system, who is not prepared for such an influx of patients if we were to just let it run it's course. We do not want our healthcare providers to have to make decisions as to who gets treated and who does not based upon who they think will be more likely to survive. In general, this is not affecting the majority of us in a fatal way. It is presenting as a cold, mild or severe-comparable to a flu. But by us contracting and/or carrying the virus (many without knowing they have it), we are exposing those who cannot fight it off. The elderly, those with immune compromised systems such as those going through cancer treatment, dialysis, who have diabetes, an auto-immune disease or underlying heart disease. Those are the members of our society who are being terribly impacted by this, novel coronavirus.

We are scheduled to re-open on Monday, April 6th. If that changes, due to CDC or State recommendations to extend closure, we will notify you of the change.

Lastly, we thank you for your continued support and loyalty. As a small business, this is a particularly scary time, as there will inevitably be a significant loss in income. We run on a small budget, and a hit of this magnitude could be very detrimental. We ask you to please continue to support and reach out to small businesses in any way that you can, if you are able. Other small businesses have suggested buying gift cards for future classes, camps, or birthday parties. We will not be offering refunds for classes or tuition paid. We have spoken with daycares and activity facilities around the city and have found this is inline with their policies too. We do understand this is a hardship on our Bn’B families as well.

Here are some ways that we will stray from our no-refund policy to help be as accommodating as possible:

1. If you purchased the $45 (4 classes per calendar month) for March, you will have the opportunity to make-up *up to 3 missed classes in a future calendar month, IF you also purchase the same for that future calendar month.

For example: if you purchase the $45 option for May, you can then use your 4 classes

paid for May plus any make-up classes you accrued in the month of March. *3 max

For further clarification, we will not be offering refunds or “credits”, but will give you the option of making up missed classes (maximum of 3) from March, if you continue paying for classes in a future month. This will be honored through September 2020.

2. If you purchased the $60 unlimited classes for March, you will have the opportunity to purchase the same for a future calendar month with a $20 discount.

This will be honored through September 2020. This will be valid for one discounted month.

3. If you are an ActiveME Camp participant, you will be given 4 make-up classes to be used at a Big Kid Boogie class of your choice up through September 2020, as long as you remain currently enrolled in ActiveME Camp. (based on 4 missed camp days-March 17,19,24,26) *note the week of March 30th was already scheduled for spring break.

Tuition for April camp will be drafted as normal, as we do not anticipate an adjustment to the April camp schedule.

We hope this helps relieve the burden of paying for classes missed. We like going above and beyond for our customers and are providing these accommodations as a means of continuing that practice!

Thank you for your continued support!

First Class is FREE! Come try us out!

$14 /drop-in class


$45 /month for 1 class per week

(4 classes per calendar month)


$60 /month UNLIMITED Classes!!!

Only $15 to add a sibling for the month!

*price increase effective on Nov 1, 2019 - see details below. All other advertised prices on marketing materials are subject to price increase.

* We offer a law enforcement discount for immediate families of those serving our community. $20 off any service!!!

(Thank you for your service!)

Flexibility * Convenience * Affordability

Come as often as you want, when you want, and to as many different kinds of classes as you want!!!

NO Contract - NO Membership Fees!!!

Classes Offered: 

* Baby Bounce for 0-24m

* Big Kid Boogie for 16m - 5yrs

* Art for 18m-5 yrs

* Open Play for 0-5 yrs

* Interactive story time for 0-5 yrs

Monthly Class schedule: 

and Birthday Parties too!!!! click here for info


5505 Osuna Rd. NE

Suite E

Albuquerque, NM 87109

(1/2 blck East of San Mateo

in Tierra Encantada Plaza with Teal colored awnings)

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Bounce n' Boogie, LLC

ActiveME Camps 2020

...creative new theme-based classes for 16 months -5 year olds. ActiveME Camps are structured academic classes where children will daily engage in the instruction and exploration of music, dance, tumbling, visual arts, reading, math and singing. Your child will be enriched with storytelling, hands-on learning, imaginative play, and guided social interactions. We’ve designed an integrated curriculum that nurtures a child’s love of learning and need for play!

Tuesdays Thursday

8:30-11:30 (or add "Lunch & Play" until 12:30)

ActiveME Camp Dates 2020


______ ActiveME Camp 1 (Tue, Jan 7th-30th)

______ ActiveME Camp 2 (Tue, Feb 4th -27th)

______ActiveME Camp 3 (Tue, March 3rd-26th) *no camp week of March 30th for 

                                                                                                    Spring Break

______ActiveME Camp 4 (Tue, April 7th -30th) 

______ActiveME Camp 5 (Tue, May 5th -28th)


more dates listed on next page... click link below

All camps are 4 weeks long and exactly 8 class days. 

Click HERE for Printable 2020 Registration Form 

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